God Takes Some People Out Of Your Life So That….

God Takes Some People Out Of Your Life So That…., God, Lean, Life, Never, People, Stop, Tired, Will

God takes some people out of your life so that you would
stop leaning on them and begin to lean on God. Everyone’s
arms get tired, but God will never get tired of you.



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  1. God is good all the time!

  2. This Is Awsome Babysister.

  3. God Is Great….

  4. itz true

  5. Simo Enan

    this very right and I believe, your arms are get tired and u gave up on me but God will never do.
    is not right Lavi?

  6. Abimbola Jacobs Ibiang


  7. Sis,ao far nah?ao av u bin?

  8. Annaliza Lati

    Thank you Lord.

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