A Cute Short Touching Love Story

A Cute Short Touching Love Story

A short story about Love

One day god send a chair to Two Lovers…
The specialty of that chair was that the person sitting on it if says TRUTH, Then the GREEN lite would blink ‘n if person sitting on it says LIE, Then RED lite would blink….

Boy sat on the chair..

GIRL – Do you LOVE me?
BOY – Yes I love You…(RED lite blinks..)

GIRL – Don’t worry there will be mistake done by god..!!
I’ll ask You again ‘n then We’ll see what Will happen…

GIRL – Do You LOVE me?
BOY – yes I love you… (GREEN light blinks)

Do you know what happened when First Time the Girl asked,
The boy actually was NOT Interested in Love with her… he LIED

But when girl showed her trust on the boy…
That boy truly started LOVING the girl….

That’s LOVE.. !

Moral: “One Sided Love Can Win Too… If You Show Your Trust Truly..♥ :)


  1. That's true!

  2. Neeta Shaminie Narayanan

    <3 <3 Nothing Is Impossible,,<3.

  3. Sheema Charm

    well said trust is most important in relation….<3.

  4. yes trust is vry imp. in relation…………….

  5. nice love story.

  6. Yashoda Kanwar

    trust is very imp in gud for all.

  7. JakubandAshley Baker

    HE LIED BOTH TIMES! That was stupid

  8. Abhimanyu Arya

    it was really a wonderful story…. I really liked it.

  9. aavida

    nice story



  11. Nilesh Jadhav

    I like it.

  12. Subramani Deepak

    paaaar ra

  13. oh really?

  14. Smart Suriya


  15. Sonu Chamoli

    nice love is evr forevr..

  16. Àrjúñ Äj

    really…trust is very important…that make a gud future..

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