No One Has The Right To Judge You, Because No One…

No One Has The Right To Judge You, Because No One…

No one has the right to judge you, because no one really knows
what you have been through. They might have heard the stories,
but they didn’t feel what you felt in your heart.



  1. Golden Amber

    may tama ka…

  2. Strong Sentiment, indeed.

  3. Sandy Baker Bergeron

    this is so true…so no what I've been through before you judge me everybody has a storie to tell is it fact or fiction,, did you feel what I felt….

  4. So true and at one time I was the dumb one doing the judging of others but I am not that stupid anymore. We all have our goods and bads. We are all equal and the same so…………

  5. Sarah DiVirgilio Vdokakes

    So true!

  6. Princess Alexandra Mariel Espiridion

    so true..
    i take words from others as a opinion for me not to be hurt but I don't have that stone heart for me not to feel the pain cause by others. Specialy to my best friend or even the people I love the most..(sun of my life).

  7. sooo true…

  8. Judging someone, and spreading gossips is another way of.
    pulling the person down…

  9. Cecilia Manago

    We all have our share of stories in this world…who didn't have the suspense in life that almost break our heart and lost oneself..lahat tayo may pinagdadaanan…sino ba ang wala? isip-isip!

  10. Margaret Rose Avis

    Nobody has the right to judge anyone,,,, what gives anyone the right to do that…….

  11. Sad but so true.

  12. JhüLy Pobe Ferrer

    ganda jan huh ang saya.

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