We Need To Teach Our Daughters And Sons The Difference

We Need To Teach Our Daughters And Sons The Difference

We need to teach our daughters
the difference between:

a man that flatters her
and a man that compliments her.

A man that spends money on her
and a man that invests in her.

A man that views her as property
and a man that views her properly.

A man that lusts after her
and a man that loves her.

A man that believes he is God’s gift to women
and a man that remembers a woman was God’s gift to man.

And then we need to teach our sons
to be that kind of man.



  1. so much teaching to do.. we have to learn first… so much learning to do..

  2. Bess Franziel More Oliva

    A very good teaching….it really makes us mothers who once was a daughter to teach our children becomes one….A kind of Man.

  3. Marilyn Watson

    Yes Lord.. Step up Men.. Put down the bull.

  4. nice lines……… for all society…..

  5. Laura Smith

    Expect nothing less.

  6. Pat from Cornwall

    I wish that I had sons as well as my two lovely daughters………

    • Eddie Haskel

      Would you teach those sons to be slaves to overly entitled women?

  7. Kathryn Mckinney

    Written by Kathryn McKinney

  8. Love this!

  9. This is very true children learn what they live!!!!

  10. Kashmier U.

    I completly agree. please share

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