A Strong Friendship…

A Strong Friendship…, Conversation, Friends, Friendship, Heart, Long, Need, Never, Relationship, Strong, True

A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation;
doesn’t always need togetherness, As long as the
relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part…



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  1. that's true….

  2. true

  3. Connie Yu

    Awww :D so true! But I still miss our togetherness & my sanity checks.

  4. Yes I believe…ohh how I missing you a lot.

  5. To my dear friends Janet and Laurie

  6. oh that is soooo sweet, I am so glad you're in my life, and we've been best friends for over 35 years!!!

  7. Me too! Wish we lived closer again

  8. SO DO I

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