Life Is A Precious Thing, You Never Know When…

Life Is A Precious Thing, You Never Know When…, Life, Live, Lose, Never, Precious

Life is a precious thing,
you never Know when you’re going to lose it.
Live life while you can, because You never
know which second is Going to be your last.



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  1. Sina Negassi


  2. So true!

  3. Gayle Tumlin Guht

    So true,.we've had deaths now for the last 2 yrs at Christmas time,what's supposed to be the happiest time with family,we've celebrated their walk with God to Heaven. I've always been thankful for each new day,its.another blessing and every moment is precious.

  4. So, so true Gayle. My heart is so broke for the Mulkey/Robinson family right now….

  5. Gayle Tumlin Guht

    Yes, I know,it's never easy to lose a loved one, Christmas is a time for love,joy and time with family. I feel their pain. We just got home in time to celebrate Christmas,my husband lost his only sibling,Bill.. We are so blessed to have each and every moment is precious.

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