Meri aankho me aansu ki tarah rahne

Meri aankho me aansu ki tarah rahne wale bhigi palko se tera didar karte hai tujhe pana to ek khwab hai yeh jankar bhi tujhse pyaar karte hai.

Excellent thought

Excellent thought:- if someone dies early people say god loves him very much, but you are still on earth, it means someone on earth loves you more than god…!

You are smiling

Let me guess what you are doing…reading book? Na na! Listening music? Uhu! Watching tv? Nah! Caught you! Missing me and reading my sms na.!! Oh now you are smiling.

I wont forget you.

I was on a ship thinking of you. When i looked down i dropped a tear in the ocean. Then i promised myself that until someone finds it.I won’t forget you.

Cute lines by a girl

Cute lines by a girl who fell in love ..”he stole my heart and i’m planning to take a revenge…i’m gonna steal his last name forever…”

Spirit of love

Miss you so much wherever i go i carry you in my thoughts, whatever i do i do it for you. The spirit of love follows me always and my feelings fly to you,away...

A lover ask god

A lover ask god “why life is so tough when we are in love” God replied “just think how beautiful & easy life is when you are with the person you love”