You are wonderful the way you are

*If You Are In Love: -Get The Best Of It -Forget The Bad Things -Enjoy It Because Nothing Lasts Forever *If You Just Broke Up: -Never Cry! Remember That You Were Happy -Never Stay...

Love is that support for a couple

Love is that support for a couple which always saves to fell down and makes a happy home in which they live without any fear with dears

Kya Bataoo Yaaro

Kya Bataoo Yaaro Meri Kismat Ki Kahani Kuch Is tarah Likhi Gai Jin Hatho Se Gulab Dena Chahta Tha Unhi hatho me vo Rakhi Bandhkar Chali Gai.?

Failure should never go to heart

“Failure should never go to heart” and “success should never go to head” both makes a person to fall in life. – Good Night