Chand ke liye sit are hazaro honge

Chand ke liye sit are hazaro honge, magar sitaro ke liye chand ek hai, aap ke liye loog hazaro honge, magar ham are liye aap ek hain.

select any good night

select any good night 1.GUD NIGHT 2.GUDD NIT 3.GD 9IT 4.GD9NT 5.G.NITE 6.G.NIT 7.G/N 8.G.9it 9.g.n selected!!!!!!!!!! now sleep!

Heårts recèivè =L=Ö=V=É

Heårts recèivè =L=Ö=V=É Mìñds rècive W=I=S=D=Ö=M Hañds rdècive =G=I=F=T=S Yöu rècivè my =w=i=s=h=è=s HAPPY DEWALI

Staying far never breaks relation

Staying far never breaks relation, Staying near never builds relation, Its a link between hearts, Which never allows us to forget each other.!!

Your smile can make me laugh

Your smile can make me laugh, your tears can make me cry i love you more than anything else but don’t know why?

Make your father happy.

If father is happy then God is happy and if father is angry the God also angry so try to make your father happy.