When greed takes over, you will have nothing

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There was a lion that woke up in one evening feeling hungry. He went to look for food in the jungle. He was so hungry that he wanted to catch anything he found.

Suddenly, he saw a hare running about. The lion ran after the hare. Soon he caught that little hare. As he was going to eat the hare, he saw a deer. He became greedy. He thought he should eat the big deer instead of the hare. So he left the hare and turned to chase the deer. The deer ran as fast as he could for fear of the lion. The deer ran very fast that the lion could not catch.

Finally he stopped running because he was too tired. He said to himself, “I had better go back to eat the hare.” He hurried back to the hare. But when he was at the place, the hare had gone. The lion was so sorry. He was greedy and now he had nothing to eat even a little hare.

Moral : “Be satisfied with what you have.”