Boy: Will you marry me ?

Girl: Do you have a house ?

Boy: None but…

Girl: Do you have a BMW car ?

Boy: None but…

Girl: How much is your salary ?

Boy: No salary but.

Girl: No but. You have nothing. How can I marry you? Just leave me, please!


Boy: *talking to himself*

I have one Villa,

3 plots,

3 Ferrari, 2 Porsche, 1 Lamborghini

Why I still need to buy a cheap BMW ?:O

How can I get the salary when actually I’m the BOSS…


Its a sad reality of human life… the important things here are money & materialistic things only. No values for true love NOT AT ALL… maybe we could find it in our imaginative world only.!!

Money isn’t everything… I would rather have no money and have love and happiness over money any day!!