I had a place for you,
a place right next to me
a place I sheltered with my heart.
Your eyes, they had a steady hold on mine.
My lips dried. My voice died.
My head was so far gone.
I twisted my fascination into your smile,
I can’t explain the way it hurt.
An ache so violent and sudden.
You were mine to hold, to kiss, to touch
but you looked so good it hurt too much
The panes of sunlight dripped across your face
and the smiling became laughing,
the holding became clenching,
and the wanting became needing.
All the screaming in my thoughts
were transformed into specks of rain,
passion, tears, and early mornings glued
to the colours in your eyes and the texture of your skin
It scorched and it burned and it knocked all logic out of my head
All of my memories were mirrored back at me,
taking a different form.
It was a good kind of aching, the best I’d ever had.
For once I stared love in the face, and it was looking right back at me.