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1 Treat each other occasionally as though you were meeting for the first time

2 Don’t call each other Mother and Father, and stay away from the couples who do – unless they’re 80.

3 Never sleep on a problem without a solution or some agreement.

4 Have a big family Bible; read together from it and always go to church every sunday together

5 Take up a daring sport that you can do together – like mountain climbing, water-skiing, and sky-diving. “kung kaya lang ha!!!”

6 When one of you puts the first dent in the new car, laugh about it – even if it kills you.

7 Don’t live all you life by the clock – don’t condemn the other for being a little late

8 Avoid getting mad at the same time

9 Respect each other’s privacy

10 Don’t sacrifice all your fun today for what you think may be security tomorrow.

11 Take a walk in the rain together

12 Spend the night in a cruise or have a formal dinner together

13 Have one night out alone at least once a month

14 Switch of the TV and talk

15 Always have some project going for the future — something to do, build or buy

16 Build each other up in public. Don’t try to compete

17 Never begin a sentence with “After all I’ve done for you…”

18 Tell you spouse that you are glad you married him or her and that you would do it all over again