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Image, Today is a new day, a gift from god. Make the best of it.

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We all have times when we wake up in the morning and feel the blahs and blues; we don't feel very excited. But just because we feel those emotions doesn't mean we have to stay there and give in to them; You have the power and control to turn your day around just by having an "Attitude of Gratitude". Do you know being in a sour mood because of your problems doesn't make it better, it makes it worse? It puts more pressure on you? Here is a new day, a gift from God, given to you. Making the best... Read more »


Image, This is the beginning of my new life

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This is the beginning of my new life All good things are coming to me today I am grateful to be alive I see beauty all around me I live with passion and purpose I will take time to laugh and play everyday I am awake energized and alive I will focus on all good things in life and give thanks for them I am at peace with one with everything I feel the joy, the love and the abundance I am free to be myself I am magnificence in human form I am the perfection of life I am... Read more »