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Principles to Live by Every day 1. Bad situations in life are only temporary. 2. Things are not going to always work out the way we plan. 3. People's opinions on you are not who you are. 4. Be rebel with cause. 5. Be committed to your growth. 6. Don't do things for the sake of doing them. 7. Spend more time with people who encourage you. 8. Be the absolute best in what you do. 9. Embrace disappointments. 10. Last but not least Love life.
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A successful woman was asked to share secret of success...She smiled and said, "I started succeeding when I started leaving small fights. Stopped fighting those who gossiped about me. Stopped fighting for attention. Stopped fighting to public expectation of me. Stopped fighting for rights with stupid people. I left such fights for those who have nothing else to fight...I started fighting vision, dreams, my ideas and my destiny.The day I gave up on small fights is the day started becoming successful."Some fights are not worth your time, leave them behind.
I’m not perfect. But I make one promise, that if I love you, I’ll do it with a full heart. People Quotes Image

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I am not perfect. I say stupid things sometimes. Laugh when I'm not supposed to. Have scars left by people who did me wrong. I'm a little crazy, and probably won't change. Love me or not. But I make one promise, that if I love you, I will do it with a full heart.