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Missing childhood !I wanna feel young again... I wanna play in the rain to wash away all the pain to relive the innocence once again... I just wanna be myself, to relive the innocence of childhood to hug to my mom every time I am scared... I wanna feel young again,I wanna fly the paper aeroplanes from roof of my house... I wanna maneuver the paper boat in the rain water lanes... I wanna run in the garden, catching butterflies... I wanna fly my kite high in the sky... For the life in 20's something, nothing seems to be in my control,only a desperate feelings to take control of things all around me which seems to fall apart.. I wanna feel kid once again…I wanna carelessly ride my bicycle knowing dad 's always there to lift me up when I fall... I wanna jump around doing nothing all the day... . . . As I know, just can’t do it anymore,I just wanna return to the childhood innocence once again to feel the bliss of being a care-free naughty kid !I wanna return to that life where all the small things created excitement. Eating from tiffin boxes of friends, getting new compass box, taking something interesting to class everyday like pencil, stickers, toy, magnet, a new key chain etc. I just wanna pretend crying for no reason at all & mom consoling me for hours taking me in her lap. I just wanna live life once again...
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Earlier, life meant: A winter evening, Four friends, Mild rain.., Four pegs of rum.Earlier, life meant: 100 bucks for petrol, Two rusty old bikes.., An open road.Earlier, life meant: Maggi noodles, A hostel room, 3.25 a.m.., Sharing food.. and love.Earlier, life meant: Last minute exam preparations, One night, One book.., 8 duffers.Earlier, life meant: One girl, One number, 4 friends.., And a fightToday life means: Old friends, Separate cities, Separate lives., And endless efforts to earn money and get peace.Today what you are looking in life.., Is probably that you lost in your way here. Remember old friends, old memories you shared, Reconnect, rejoice!
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She says "I don't love u !" Her eyes say "I'm crazy 4 u !"She says "I'm happy without u !" Her eyes say "I'm nothing without u !" ... She says she has many 2 take care of her ! Her eyes say "No 1 cares as u do !"She says all her friends r like me ! Her eyes say "But u stand unique among dem !"She says 2 hold someone else's hand ! Her eyes say "Never leave me !"She says "Don't hold me !" Her eyes say "Let me just hold u !"She says "U r just a good friend !" Her eyes say "I can't c u 2 b anyone's boyfriend !"She says "Go away !" Her eyes say "Till I fill your heartbeat !"She says "Don't kiss me !" Her eyes say "Don't follow my words !"She says "Wait 4 now !" Her eyes say "Let's fall in 4 each other !"She says "I'm confused !" Her eyes say "I just Love u !"That's why eyes are the most beautiful part of a girl..!! :)