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Image, A drop of peace and a dose of love.

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It's hard not to feel overwhelmed in the vitamin aisle, with dozens of products claiming to boost energy, ease stress, and even extend your life. But don't assume that just any supplement can give you the confidence to start your day with a positive attitude. Let us not forget to take our tablets of joy, a boost of confidence, a drop of peace and a dose of love. Oh! and a little drop of sanity and serenity wouldn't hurt to carry us through our day as well.




Image, I think that any show that doesn’t have huge ratings, that’s what

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I think that any show that doesn't have huge ratings, that's what you're always up against. Meanwhile, conversations are ongoing. Everything is running the way that things usually run, in these types of situations. I guess we'll find out, like everybody else. But, we don't fret about it because, really, it's out of our control. We can only step back and do our work, and therein lies the serenity. We're hoping for the best and just doing what we love.

J.H. Wyman